This is a website I made and maintain for GüdChew (pronounced “Good Chew”), a socially conscious pet products company specializing in durable dog toys. I designed the entirety of the branding, graphics, and media for GüdChew As part of The Commons, an intercollegiate entrepreneurial skills accelerator in Southeastern Wisconsin.


I created this site as part of an independent study at UWM, with the intention of creating a brief database of many of the most notable people, works, and ideas in the history of humanity. Using a base of Wordpress to store the information, I hand-coded my own custom PHP theme to dynamically build pages to present that information based on their relationships to each other.


I proposed and built this site for the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee’s Production Club, a fantastic student organization that brings together dozens of students each year to build an entire, professional-quality short film. The menu toggles on and off through Javascript, and like all my sites, the CSS resizes the page depending on whether you’re on a computer, tablet, or phone.

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