BFA in Film, Video, Animation, & New Genres
from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (May 2016)

My father draws houses, so I love design and making things works, and my mother is a nurse, so I love helping people. I wanted to fuse those two things together; I wanted to design a way to make the world a better place. And even growing up in the Great White North of rural Wisconsin, surrounded by farmlands and the delightfully anachronistic Amish, one thing was plainly aware to me: we all live our lives through the medium of the digital screen. And if you can control what goes on in the screen, you have a much better chance at actually affecting people and really bring a positive change to the world.

So to that end, in college I studied everything to do with the screen and how information is conveyed through it from computer science and multimedia design to media studies and film. Too many websites are confusing, too many videos don’t get their idea across, and far too many apps exist for things that you would never reasonably ever need an app to even do. I want to be the one who fixes that. I’m a designer for the new digital age, and I want to make all these things that come with it actually work.

When not drafting lofty manifestos for bettering the whole of humanity, I enjoy experiencing the cultural wonders of literature, history, films, and everything else from the great treasury of our common heritage that make life worth living. There is nothing more fun to me than exploring new places, meeting new people, and hearing new stories—and I am so very glad to live in so unique and interesting of a time in which so many opportunities to do that are possible.


I care about design and digital media, but I also care about making the world a fair and just place where everyone who works hard can succeed. Design is nothing unless it has an important idea it wants to convey, and I believe strongly in utilizing design and media in general to help those ideas that really matter find their audience.

The world is a fantastic interesting place with an insane amount of opportunity. Yet, so many people struggle. People work full time without any benefits to support them if they get sick, people work themselves to death 80 hours a week for jobs that do not matter, and people work for free under the exploitative promise that a job will look good on a résumé. Talented people work hard their whole lives and never get anywhere, and far, far too many people are unhappy. And that shouldn't be the case. I want the world to be one of opportunity for all: where if you work hard and keep trying, you'll be able to build a good life for yourself. And I want to support people who believe the same way.

And so that’s the goal. Good ideas, organizations, and people shouldn’t just fade away because they couldn't get their message across, but far too many do just that. It should be simple, yet so many websites, videos, apps, and graphics just plain don't work. I want to be the person who actually makes them all work and work well.

Let's keep good ideas around.

© Tom Bloczynski