These are frames taken from various videos I've made. The first few are from Persephone, my senior thesis work at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, which can be seen in its entirety here. The Pulp Fiction ones are part of an animated intro of various famous movie scenes I helped out with for the Student Film and Video Festival at UWM as well, and then the final over the top American ones are from a sequence I helped out with for my friend Travis Rademacher's senior thesis film, "Eyes on You," about the NSA.


These are digital paintings and illustrations I did. The top left is the poster I made for the 2015-2016 film for UWM's Film Production Club, for whom I also made a website. The top right is my final project from a drawing class I did once, and the bottom two are portraits I did for friends and associates.


These are the storyboards I did for the opening scene of my friend Blair Wright's short film, "The Queen," about Midwestern beauty pageants.

© Tom Bloczynski